What is My Birthstone?

Many of us love to buy jewelry featuring our birthstones. And while gemstone-encrusted jewels are gorgeous, they are also significant to our birthdays.

Now you might wonder, "What is my birthstone?" So today, let’s check out every month's birthstones and their properties.

Every Month's Birthstone

January: Garnet

The beautiful red garnet is the stone of love. It symbolizes bonding and healing between two loved ones, and many associate it with the heart. Hence, experts believe that the gemstone has properties to soothe depression and imbue strength in the wearer.

Garnet also negates evil and negative properties, bringing luck and fortune to those who wear them.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst's rich lilac hues signify royalty, depth, and humility. Its captivating shades make it a must-have for those born in February.

The regality of this gemstone spreads strength, quick wit, and peace to the wearer, creating a sense of sincerity and security. By wearing amethyst, you activate and empower your inner strength and intelligence.

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine signifies the calmness of a still sea, where the soothing waves make the wearer feel serene and balanced. This gemstone brings about good luck in marriage, problem-solving, and various other struggles.

By wearing this precious birthstone, you will channel courage and willpower to conquer all obstacles in your life. Aquamarine offers the same levels of peace as meditation, helping you search deep within your soul for answers.

April: Diamond

As a birthstone, the diamond symbolizes eternal love and strength. It is a powerful gemstone for marriage engagements as it binds two willing lovers into a promising and soulful union.

Diamond is one of the most precious gemstones, known for its ability to enhance beauty and love for all eternity. You can wear diamonds as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more.

May: Emerald

Emerald is a rich and luscious green birthstone for unconditional love. If you are born in May, wearing emerald-encrusted jewelry will fill your life with wealth, passion, wisdom, success, and good luck.

Back in the day, the emerald was a symbol of purity, strength, and hope. In current times, it helps to manifest patience, hope, and love in its wearer.

June: Pearl

Pearl is a soothing and potent gemstone known for purity. Its radiant glow is a constant provider of luck, love, and peace.

This birthstone is so powerful that many wear it to gain success and wisdom.. It adds joy, domestic calmness, and overall serenity to the wearer.

July: Ruby

The deep glow within ruby gemstones is a sign of passion, power, and nobility. It bears the color of love and is known to surround you with happiness, good health, and vigor.

While wearing this gemstone, you will feel protected from negative vibes and wishes from others. Ruby also energizes the body and gives you the will to go through challenging hardships.

August: Spinel and Peridot

Spinel and peridot are two birthstones for anyone born in August. Spinel is a remedial birthstone, which helps the wearer steer clear of inflammatory diseases and blood loss. It also wraps the wearer in a calming aura and diffuses anger.

On the other hand, peridot's aura is a sign of strength, love, and balance, making it a potent birthstone for the wearer. It also helps to improve creativity and intellect.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire is the gemstone of fidelity, harmony, and love. Its soulful blue color engulfs the wearer with a sense of balance and blessings. The stone also has healing properties and keeps you protected from harmful diseases.

As a birthstone, sapphire secures the wearer with a peaceful and friendly aura, giving them strength and health.

October: Tourmaline

The power of the tourmaline birthstone includes compassion, love, humanity, and peace. Its gentle yet influential aura creates long-lasting friendships, unconditional romantic relationships, and a relaxing atmosphere for the wearers.

Tourmaline is known to heal emotional scars and wounds, offering supportive and positive vibrations to its owner. It is one of the purest gemstones you can wear for a happy life.

November: Topaz and Citrine

Topaz symbolizes love and health to its wearer. It also helps bring in wealth and prosperity, making lives bountiful in the long run. Not to forget, topaz also increases self-esteem and makes you a confident person.

Citrine, the second birthstone of November, is also known for its healing properties. Its bright yellow hue offers a burst of energy, happiness, and good luck whenever you wear it.

December: Turquoise

Turquoise’s heavenly blue and green blend makes it a gorgeous birthstone for those born in December. It symbolizes good fortune, health, and blessings for a good life.

This birthstone also offers healing properties to cure ailments like infections and vision issues and have a positive impact over depression and anxiety.

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Every birthstone has a story. Having jewelry that shows off your birthstone is wonderful because it is not only beautiful but holds a special meaning.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, you are sure to succeed with a birthstone piece of jewelry — especially since you've answered "what is my birthstone?"

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