Featured Gemstone: Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline

The rarest and most desired gemstone in the world, the Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline is precious for many reasons. Its ocean-like neon hues make it a remarkable and unique stone. A highly sought-after phenomenon, the gemstone appears to glow from within, making it a distinctive treasure and the perfect centerpiece for exceptional jewelry.

Paraiba TourmalineProperties of Paraiba Tourmaline

From sky blue to arctic blue, mist green to sea-foam green, the Paraiba Tourmaline is a diversely colored gemstone, accentuating its beauty and rarity with a range of hues. Its extraordinary shades are said to represent calm, serenity and stability and are often a symbol of insight, creativity and wisdom. So if you celebrate an October birthday, you are lucky to have Paraiba Tourmaline as your birthstone.

There are 13 mineralogical varieties of tourmaline, which can be found in various colors, thanks to chromium, manganese, iron and vanadium. However, the Paraiba Tourmaline stone is rare because of its copper and manganese content, which is also geologically rare.

The source of Paraiba Tourmaline’s magnetic and vivid coloring is the interaction of copper and manganese, something that can not be found in other tourmaline stones. Vibrant blues, turquoise and green saturations are caused by high concentrations of copper, while manganese brings hues of violet and red. These warm shades of red can be canceled out by burning techniques, resulting in neon blue tones.

The History of Paraiba Tourmaline

Throughout the history of gemstones, Paraiba Tourmaline gems are a relatively recent discovery compared to other stones. However, during the late 1980s, a gem prospector named Heitor Dimas Barbosa had a suspicion that something extraordinary lay within the Batalha mine in Brazil.

The excavations for Barbosa’s notion began in the early 1980s, and over five years later, the first signs of Paraiba Tourmaline came to fruition. It wouldn’t be until 1989 that the first few tourmaline stones were brought above the earth’s surface. The gemstone was named after the state of Paraiba, where it was originally found in the mines.

After extensive research, it was concluded that Paraiba Tourmaline’s crystals are formed under exceptional conditions, with the copper and manganese creating the exquisite blues that Paraiba Tourmaline is so well known for. The color itself, however, does not actually appear until the gemstone has been cut and polished. Once the stone has been cut, then the intense colors are revealed, ready to be admired.

Where Is Paraiba Tourmaline Sourced From?

Since its discovery in Paraiba, the best quality of Paraiba Tourmaline remains in Brazil. Unfortunately, after the breakthrough finding in the Batalha mine, it was depleted of its Paraiba sources and lay empty only years later due to high demand. Nearby areas in Brazil, however, have a limited supply and offer the highest quality of Paraiba Tourmaline.

In addition to Brazil, the precious gemstone has also been discovered in Mozambique and Nigeria during the early 2000s.

Paraiba Tourmaline Rings

Buying Paraiba Tourmaline Jewelry - Look to the Experts

Wabby’s is the go-to source for Paraiba Tourmalines. We have the largest collection in California. We look for rich, deep colors when selecting Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones. In addition, we look for green hues within the stone, as this signifies the signature copper content. This stunning gemstone's high color saturation sets it apart from other tourmaline gems and increases its value.

Paraiba Tourmaline jewelry should be treated with care. The best way to keep this gemstone clean is by using warm water with mild detergent and a soft brush to gently clean it, to keep it in excellent condition and preserve its spectacular coloring.

Paraiba Tourmaline is an important gemstone in Wabby's gemstone collection. From 31-carat neon-green gems to 4-carat blue pear cut or cushion cut Paraibas, we have a selection of extraordinary Paraiba Tourmaline gemstones perfect for customized jewelry.

So whether it's an elegant birthstone necklace or a unique engagement ring for your beautiful bride-to-be, please reach out to us today to find out about our sensational Paraiba Tourmaline jewelry collection.

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