Featured Gemstone: Pigeon Blood Ruby

While its name might not sound the most appealing, the Pigeon Blood Ruby is actually the most sought-after gemstone in the ruby family. The rich crimson hue of the Pigeon Blood Ruby is what draws attention, making it an extraordinary centerpiece for any jewelry collection.

Multiple of Wabby's Jewels & Gems Rings with Pigeon Blood Ruby Gemstones

The History of Pigeon Blood Ruby

Pigeon Blood Rubies were first discovered in Burma, now known as Myanmar. They were unearthed so long ago that no one can actually pinpoint the exact date they were found. Their exceptional beauty has been desired by royalty, worn by the ancient soldiers of Burma, and has even been featured in the Bible.

Burma dominated the industry of ruby mining, and Pigeon Blood Rubies were no exception, especially in the Mogok and Mong Hsu mines. However, today, these mines are nearly extinct. Other countries, such as Madagascar, Mozambique, Vietnam, and Afghanistan, are now relied on for sourcing these precious gemstones, which is why this ruby is so rare.

The exquisite hue of Pigeon Blood Rubies is said to be a symbol of power, passion, vitality, and life throughout many cultures. For people born in July, the Pigeon Blood Ruby is considered a coveted birthstone of this month, because of their splendid clarity and high saturation. This gemstone is a true wonder of nature, putting it in high demand for collectors who know this is a valued stone worth investing in.

Properties of Pigeon Blood Ruby

While all rubies are deemed red, the Pigeon Blood Ruby was given its name to describe the vividness of its beautiful hue. The Burmese believed the perfect ruby was the same color as the blood from the nose of a killed pigeon, or the central point of the bird's eye, hence its name ko-twe, meaning ‘pigeon’s blood.’

Without a doubt, the main characteristic of the Pigeon Blood Ruby is its vibrant, pure red, with a fluorescent intensity that helps distinguish it from other rubies. There are no orange or brown overtones, which are secondary colors that can often be found in other rubies. Pigeon Blood Rubies sourced in Burma, now Myanmar, have a blue undertone, but there are also claims that the color is attained by the purple-hue ruby being set in yellow gold, canceling out any blue shading.

What To Look For in Pigeon Blood Rubies

Depending on where the ruby is sourced, Pigeon Blood Rubies have a medium to strong fluorescence, differentiating them from the rest of the ruby family.

Pigeon Blood Rubies have inclusions, which happen when material becomes trapped inside another mineral. This may appear as crystals or glass bubbles, or even fractures. The volume and position of the inclusions define the value and quality. Generally, the value of the ruby is decreased if the inclusions are large and noticeable.

When it comes to the cut of Pigeon Blood Rubies, the cutting process can often create weight loss in the stone. However, by skillfully faceting the stone, the appearance of the ruby is cleaner and brighter, which brings the value back up, thanks to its brilliance and transparency.

This extraordinary gemstone also has a variety known as Pigeon Blood Star, named after an incredible visual effect that looks like a small star constellation. This effect is caused by microscopic silk inclusions, which create a luminous impact on the surface. The Pigeon Blood Star is usually translucent and is polished rather than faceted.

When investing in gemstones as precious as Pigeon Blood Rubies, it’s important to purchase from a credible business and acquire the correct certifications to ensure your exquisite piece is authentic and natural.

Pigeon Blood Rubies at Wabby’s

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