What are the Most Rare Gemstones?

Whether you are a collector or a connoisseur of rare gemstones, some jewels are too gorgeous to say no to!

So let us check out the best loose gemstones considered the most rare and auspicious for keeping.

5 Most Rare Gemstones

1. Hackamite

The beautiful violet Hackamite is transparent and often glowy, making it an eye candy for many.

Now keep in mind that the faceted Hackamites are the rarest finds. The transparent Hackamites also fall on the rarity scale, making them more valuable than their translucent or opaque counterparts.

An unseasoned eye might find it an ordinary gem, but if you look with more intent, the lightish pink and violet hues will enchant your soul with its raw beauty.

And just like other gemstones, Hackamite requires top-notch care and maintenance. This means keeping it out of the sunlight and cleaning it with mild soap, warm water, and an ultra-soft toothbrush!

2. Paraiba Tourmaline

The vibrancy of Tourmaline makes it quite an eyecatcher. But what makes the Paraiba Tourmaline so rare?

The color blue on Tourmaline is a rare occurrence, making the Paraiba Tourmaline a unique gemstone to behold.

Another unique aspect of this gem is that the Paraiba Tourmaline is rarer than a diamond, as much as one of these per 10,000 mined diamonds.

And if you are interested in collecting this stunning blue gem, remember that the Paraiba Tourmalines are part of the liddicoatite tourmaline series. And the best way to identify a rare among the commons is to check its absorption spectrum.

A Paraiba Tourmaline's broader area's general absorption starts at 600 nm, while its hardness clocks at 7-7.5 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale.

While it's sturdy, minimal protection and care are mandatory. So if you want to customize jewelry with Paraiba Tourmaline, opt for a protective setting.

Use warm water and mild soap bases to clean this precious gemstone for the best results!

3. Pigeon Blood Red Ruby

While the vivid redness of Rubies is lovely to look at, the pigeon blood red Rubies are in a league of their own.

The intensity of the color red in these Rubies makes them an exclusive find among gem collectors. They are rare due to the richness and depth of the raw red color, making them a stunning gem for safekeeping.

Pigeon blood red rubies are native to the Burmese mines and are considered to hold the truest and perfect color for Rubies.

Not to forget, the high-standard quality of the pigeon blood red Rubies makes them one of the finest rare gems. You will find the hue ranging from a deep medium-dark red to a light purple red.

And the richness of this red is what creates an aura of sublime royalty around this intensely-hued gemstone.

For cleaning, opt for some mild soapy water for safety.

4. Bi-Color Sapphires

2-stoned gemstones are a sight to behold, which makes the bi-color Sapphires so priceless among gem connoisseurs.

Its uneven distribution of colors makes the bi-color sapphires stand out and dazzle. And this is due to the varied trace elements present in the gemstone that bounce off two intense shades simultaneously.

These gemstones are distinct in color and are easy to spot among the plethora of rich-blue Sapphire gemstones. One look and you will notice a varying shade of blue and some colorless lines intermingling to form unique patterns within.

Previously, Bi-color sapphires would be heated and cut to remove the duality of shades within. But with time, more gemologists have accepted the beauty of these prismatic gemstones.

5. Tanzanite

The scarcity in the availability of Tanzanite is what makes it a rare gemstone to acquire.

And while the limited supply of this chromatic and vivid gem makes it an underappreciated trinket among others, the slim chances of discovering it gives it an air of importance.

Additionally, Tanzanite's colors are crucial in making it a rare gem. They range between the deepest blue and violet. The deeper the blue, the rarer the Tanzanite.

With factors so strict, acquiring Tanzanite gemstones is a race among many connoisseurs who appreciate the beauty and scarcity of this gemstone.

Similar to other gem care, opt for a soft brush, some warm water, and mild soap for a perfect, clean, and dazzling look!

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