Gemstone Colors: 6 Meanings Perfect for an Engagement Ring

A dazzling, beautiful, and vibrant engagement ring speaks a thousand words. The heart flutters, and time stands still as one asks their lover's hand for marriage with this petite yet exquisite gemstone-encrusted ring.

The opulence of colorful gemstones transcends beauty and glamour, making them perfect for engagement rings. So which ones should you go for, for your lucky day?

Today, we will discuss six meanings behind colorful gemstones so you can choose the perfect engagement ring for the one after your heart! Let us begin.

1. Yellow Diamonds

The pure and golden aura that yellow diamonds reflect is a sign of commitment, knowledge, and love. By proposing with a yellow diamond engagement ring, you communicate your everlasting love and faith in your beloved.

These diamonds are rare and found in about one in every 10,000 diamonds mined in South Africa. The yellow shade can vary in intensity depending on the nitrogen in the diamond's composition.

These shades also determine the price, as the brightest will cost you the most. And since you are opting for an engagement ring with yellow diamonds, the best cuts are radiant cuts and cushion cuts, as they are the most sought-after.

2. Blue Sapphire

The color blue is royal and loyal. There is something breathtaking about blue sapphires that make them a perfect choice for engagement rings.

Sapphires are stunning, especially when encased in shimmering rings. Many consider this a bridal gemstone, given the rich, imperial shade.

Not to forget, Sapphire gemstones fall at nine on the Mohs scale, whereas diamonds are a perfect 10. This means the gem does not fade or crack from daily wear. They are durable and need proper care to stay shiny, bright, and loyal to the core.

For engagement rings, the oval cut, cushion cut, and heart cut are the most popular among buyers.

3. Ruby Engagement Rings

Red is the color of love, lust, and romance. So what better color to choose when expressing your longing for togetherness than this? Ruby is called the "King of all gems" and represents wealth, love, success, and courage.

Ruby is durable and one of the prized traditional gems, making it an integral part of ancient royal courts. In Buddhism, Ruby is known as the "tears of Buddha," potent enough to erase someone's bad luck and embrace them in good fortune.

By proposing with a ruby engagement ring, you are promising your love a lifetime of loyalty, good luck, and fortune.

4. Green Diamond

The green hues for diamonds vary from olive to a yellowish-green shade. The bright, youthful color symbolizes energy, fun, and the beauty of life. These gemstones reflect the true meaning of living life to the fullest, the freshness of a prosperous relationship, and maturing through marriage.

Green diamonds are rare to procure, and an expensive find. And the more intense the green, the more its prices rise. Its extraordinary beauty surpasses many other gemstones thanks to its vibrancy and glorious shine.

Oval, pear, and radiant cuts are by far the most in demand for those who look for green diamond engagement rings to ask the most life-changing question to their loved one.

5. Emerald

The green emerald gemstone is a sign of good fortune, luck, and a youthful life together. Its influences on the wearer are positive and known to heal anxiety and a bad mood, embracing them with love and joy.

More importantly, the emerald gemstone is a perfect choice for engagement rings as it reflects matrimonial harmony. The gem refines any hassles the couple can face along the way and paves a path for eternal peace.

Some of the best cuts for green emerald stone rings are:

  • Long cushion
  • Oval
  • Emerald cut
  • Pear

These gemstones are gorgeous once encrusted with a petite yet regal ring, fit for a charming beloved.

6. Tourmaline

Tourmaline gemstone is available in diverse colors and shades, each with its unique beauty, splendor, and regality. All shades represent love, joys, and passion, which are fundamental building blocks of a happy long-term relationship.

Hence, this gemstone is a charming pick for engagement rings. The gem is naturally pretty, holding a playful lightness in the shades. While pear is the most popular cut for tourmaline, you will also find it in oval, emerald, and cushion cuts.

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