5 Things You Didn't Know About Tourmaline

Tourmaline is truly a beauty. The twinkling glow within, in flurries of hues, makes this gemstone a sought-after collectible for many jewelry enthusiasts. 

But do we know everything about Tourmaline? Other than its stunning radiance and vibrancy, Tourmaline has a diverse history behind it. So, what secrets does this gemstone hold? Let's check out 5 interesting facts about Tourmaline today!

5 Fun Facts About Tourmaline

1. The Colors Are Endless

Tourmaline is available in many different hues and shades. You can get them in the lightest pink to the darkest green and even in various shades of yellow, blue, and multiple hues. A rare Tourmaline species, called The School, comes in dark brown and black colors, making them fit perfectly in gold rings and necklaces for all occasions. 

These stones have unmatched color combinations, making them vivid gemstones that go well with all types of jewelry. 

2. Tourmaline Can Also Be Clear 

While it is a known fact that Tourmaline comes in vivid shades, you might be surprised that this precious stone can be as clear and pristine as a diamond. Many diamond-like Tourmalines do not have shiny colors that allow light to pass through. 

These rainbow gemstones are also available to substitute diamonds in earrings, pendants, and many other jewelry pieces. Moreover, Tourmaline is more scratch-resistant than diamonds, so you can easily substitute it for diamonds in engagement rings or pendants!

3. Cute as Fruits

One of the most popular Tourmalines available is the Watermelon Tourmaline. It has two distinctive colors: a pink core within and a dark green border encasing the fruity center. 

Both unpolished and polished Watermelon Tourmaline are gorgeous to look at and are perfect for earrings and pendants. The pinkish-red center has a mild glow that emits lightly and creates a complimentary shade to the royal green shade over the borders, making it a striking jewel piece to wear or collect.

So if you are looking for a fruity gemstone to add to your collection, this one's for you!

4. It Is One of the Most Spiritual Stones

Tourmaline has various spiritual properties, making it a powerful gemstone for various religious and energy purposes. Such properties depend on the color you choose. For example:

  • Green Tourmaline: Perfect for immunity and the cardiac system. It works wonders to heal muscular pain and promotes hormonal balance within. It also improves energy, calms the nerves, and helps promote better sleep.

  • Blue Tourmaline: This is good for the body and muscles and the nervous and digestive systems. It raises self-confidence and reduces anxiety and fear.

  • Pink Tourmaline: Works well for throat disorders. It is also an emotionally strengthening gemstone for those who need mental support. It is good for your cardiac health and heals your heart conditions. Just like blue Tourmaline, its pink counterpart boosts self-confidence and helps you align your mind and body to your inner strengths.

  • Yellow Tourmaline: Good for the digestive system and stamina. Moreover, it helps to heal the immune system, as well as improves concentration. Additionally, Yellow Tourmaline reduces fatigue and increases stamina while raising your self-esteem.

  • Black Tourmaline: Helps in healing headaches and muscular pain. It is also powerful in strengthening the organs as well as your muscles. Additionally, if you want to improve your immune system, black Tourmaline has your back.

  • Cat's Eye Tourmaline: One of the most precious Tourmalines out there. Its healing properties are good for your digestive system, as well as your nervous system. Wearing it also does wonders for your immune system and promotes healthy blood circulation. 

5. Tourmaline Was Not Recognized Individually at First

While it is a much sought-after gemstone at present, Tourmaline only received its recognition and category in the 1800s. Before that, people would mistake it for Topaz and various other precious stones. 

It was even mistakenly considered Emerald by the Spaniard who found Tourmaline on the Italian shores. Currently, it is one of the most sought-after gemstones and is highly attractive for jewelry. 

It is now considered more precious than many other popular gemstones due to its vivid colors, sparkly look, and aesthetic hues that take all breath away. 

Learn More About Tourmaline Today!

Tourmalines are radiant gemstones that catch everyone's attention. They have properties to heal and strengthen you from within while making for some of the most spectacular jewelry out there. 

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