Bracelet Designs That Complement Any Look & Style

Bracelets can beautify your wrist and pull together your look. Of course, there is more than one style of bracelet. And thankfully, many of them suit a multitude of looks and styles. 

Check Out 6 Different Bracelet Designs That Go Perfectly With All Your Looks:

1. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets come with a string of gemstones or beads made of other materials. Sometimes all of the beads on a bracelet are uniform, and sometimes, there are mixed materials used to create a beautiful pattern. The string, which is often tightly woven white gold or gold chains, holds the beads together perfectly.

Moreover, beaded bracelets can have mono-colored or stone beads or come with multiple different vibrant gemstones. Beaded design bracelets go well with all looks, whether it’s for a chic brunch with friends or a semi-formal gathering with your colleagues. 

2. Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets have a classic old-school charm yet go perfectly with modern, stylish looks. While these are non-flexible, bangle-style bracelets have two unique and separate functionalities. 

  • Open bangles
  • Closed bangles

Plus, they come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from petite and simple to thick and studded. You can wear one bangle for a classic and stylish look for a wedding or layer several gemstone-encrusted bangles on your wrist for a fashion statement. 

Bangle bracelets fit perfectly with modern as well as old-time aesthetics and help to complete any outfit. 

3. Evil Eye Bracelet

Evil eye bracelets are perfect for those who want to ward away bad vibes and ill wishes. They work like a charm, letting you have a healthier lifestyle and giving you a powerful aura to carry in your everyday life. 

These bracelets come with a gold chain and hook, with a vivid blue eye that keeps negativity at bay. You can wear these bracelets with almost all looks and styles, making them a fashion statement to go with your office wear, date night looks, and a regular among your daily accessories. 

4. Birthstone Bracelets

Birthstone bracelets are a classic gift for yourself or your loved ones. These bracelets come with unique gemstones for each birth month.

For example, if you are born in February then an amethyst bracelet will suit your luck the most. Gemstone bracelets come with one particular gemstone or have different gemstones encrusted on them, depending on your birth month and choice of favorite stones!

You can add this jewelry to your daily wear and make them a must-have for all your looks! Moreover, if you choose a stone depending on your birth month, you receive its perks such as:

  • Wealthier life
  • Safety
  • Prosperity
  • Romance, etc.

5. Pearl Bracelets

Pearl bracelets with rose gold bangles make the perfect blend of materials and color. These bangles come with a hook and chain to secure them over your wrist and also give you more flexibility to change their tightness over your wrist. 

Pairing your pearl bracelet with a pearl necklace is one of the prettiest jewelry combinations on the market, making them an iconic add-on to looks for marriage ceremonies and semi-formal events and even make for a thoughtful gift for your partner.

6. Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are gorgeous and chic, with unparalleled beauty through the glittering diamonds that sparkle as your hands move. 

They make all your ensembles look more sophisticated and elite. Want to add some bling to your strict formal work clothes? Add a diamond bracelet to the look for a more posh touch.

There are 3 types of diamond bracelets:

  • Diamond tennis bracelet
  • Regular diamond bracelet
  • Multi-color diamond bracelet

Multi-colored diamond-encrusted bracelets look elegant and catch attention due to the vivid and bright hues the jewelry gives out in the light. For a more toned-down and formal look, you can opt for a regular diamond-encrusted bracelet. 

They work wonders as gifts to your loved ones, for weddings, and especially as a Valentine's gift to your special someone. 

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Bracelets look good on everyone, so you just need to pick one that suits your taste, and luckily, there are plenty to choose from! You can opt for one or stack multiple to add to your jewelry collection.

Need expert help in choosing a bracelet for yourself or as a gift? Contact us today to learn more about luxury bracelets and the ones that suit your needs the best. 

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