Rare Gemstones of the World Ring

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A true collector’s piece, we call this our Rare Gemstones of the World Ring, featuring 5 rare gemstones in one ring, including a 2.1-carat pink Taaffeite, a .5 carat pink Tanzanite, 1.75-carat purple Tanzanite, a .5 ct blue Alexandrite, a 1.5 carat Red Pigeon Blood Ruby, with approximately .03 carats of brilliant white Diamonds set in 24K yellow gold.

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2.1 ct pink Taaffeite
0.5 ct pink Tanzanite
1.75 ct purple Tanzanite
0.5 ct blue Alexandrite
1.5 ct Red Pigeon Blood Ruby
.03 ct Diamonds 

Gold: 24K yellow gold

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