4.2 ct Brazillian Paraiba Tourmaline Ring - Neon Blue-Green

SKU: 1029

Certified natural neon blue-green Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline encircled by 1.1 carats of pear-shaped diamonds set in 18K white gold. This rare and impressive 4.2 carat Paraiba features a vibrant color. 

A product of the trace element copper, Paraiba colors range from vibrant turquoise to majestic blue-green like the ring listed here. An incandescent glow lights up the stone from within, making this Paraiba Tourmaline luminous. If you’ve never seen a Paraiba in person, we invite you to book an appointment. They are amazing!

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Center Stone: Paraiba Tourmaline
Origin: Brazil
Carat: 4.2
Color: Neon Blue-Green
Shape: Pear

Additional Stones: Approx. 1.1 cts pear-shaped diamonds

Gold: 18K white gold

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