Valentine's Day Gift Guide

We love playing cupid, and what better way to say I love you than gifting your Valentine with a piece of jewelry they can treasure forever? This Valentine’s day, why not treat your beloved to a special jewel from our Love Collection?

With a wide range of pieces available, this collection was made with love and romance in mind, crafted into timeless rings, necklaces, and bracelets to match your partner’s unique style.

We’ve put together five of our favorite romantic jewelry pieces below, but you can also shop our whole collection.

1. 16-CT Rare Blue-Green Sapphire Heart Necklace

As the symbol of love and passion, we just had to include this beautiful rare blue-green sapphire heart necklace.

Crafted into a heart shape, this 16-carat rare-green sapphire is a romantic gesture like no other. Encircled by sparkling white Diamonds, the Sapphire traditionally represents loyalty and devotion, making it the perfect gemstone to show your love and commitment to that special someone. This necklace is a true centerpiece, with the extraordinary gem suspended from a multi-Diamond necklace.

While it also holds sentimental meaning, the stunning necklace offers practicality, as Sapphires and Diamonds are durable stones. Sapphires secure a 9 on the Mohs scale, while diamonds go one step further, ranking at a 10, the highest position for a natural stone. This means the necklace can be worn and adored every day. 

2. 2-CT Heart-Shaped Ruby Ring

In keeping with the heart theme, our 2-carat heart-shaped ruby ring is a truly stand-out piece. The vibrant tone of red and purple in this ruby resembles the color of love. The certified natural 2-carat Ruby is encrusted by 1.5 carats of Diamonds on 18k white gold, making it a piece to cherish forever. With beautiful heart-shaped layers, this ring is the perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day gift. 

Why not pair it with our 4-carat Burma Ruby Diamond Heart Necklace? The white gold necklace follows a similar design with a ruby heart and diamond outline, suspended from a simple yet timeless necklace, and is the ideal companion to the ring.

3. 2 CT Diamond Heart Pendant

Spoil your Valentine with the ever-so-petite diamond heart pendant. Its gorgeous layered heart-within-heart design encapsulates how both your hearts beat as one. A thoughtful gift like this will make your beloved swoon on this day of love.

This exquisite necklace holds beautiful patterns of 2-carat dazzling diamonds cascading to form two hearts over the 18k white gold pendant. Moreover, the White Natural diamonds on this encrusted jewelry come in enticing stone cuts like pears, round, and baguette.

And the opulent pendant piece sways daintily from a dazzling white gold necklace adorning your glamorous Valentine. 

4. 7-CT Canary Yellow Diamond Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for a unique and exquisite jewel, then we suggest our 7-carat Canary Yellow Diamond Pendant Necklace, which features a 7-carat Fancy Canary Yellow heart-shaped diamond surrounded by soft pink diamonds.

This stunning piece is spectacular and suspended from a Diamond station necklace, which has 10 stones. The subdued shades of the necklace allow this pendant piece to be worn with any color, adding a touch of elegance and delicacy to any outfit while being a reminder of true love. Gift your soul mate with this extraordinary piece of jewelry for a day she’ll always treasure.

5. Fancy Pink Diamond Ring and Earrings Set

Why stop at just one piece? Treat your sweetheart to a set of matching jewelry with our Fancy Pink Diamond Ring and Earrings set. This sparkling set boasts a certified 1-carat heart brilliant-cut fancy pink Diamond as the center stone, surrounded by 1.25 carats of round and pear brilliant-cut Diamonds.

The earrings have been curated to beautifully match the ring, with fancy pink cushion cut center stones totaling 0.80 carats, while 1.3 carats of round brilliant-cut, marquise brilliant-cut, and baguette white Diamonds finish the set for an incredible gift in honor of your great love story.

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